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Online mentoring is one of the request I have received over the years. This is the time I feel most prepared to offer online training. Basically the approach will be for individual participants select from the list of portraits available on Eqonsept or preferrably use their own portraits during the session. 

The process is simple. The workshop begins with Camera Raw. In Camera Raw, I will you teaches all the basic adjustments necessary to create a proper foundation for the Photoshop edits to be astonishing. When in Photoshop, I will teach you the retouching stages from cleanup, frequency separation, color grading, fixing common issues in portraits and final touches to make the photo glow. Finally I will teach you how to achieve my skin toning.

I will provide you with both notes and an action to help clarify and speed up the retouching process and workflow in the future. For online sessions, I will share my screen and the participant connects to the class via Teamviewer (which can be downloaded here). We usually booked the Workshops 5-7 days in advance to help plan. Thank You and looking forward to sharing it with you!

2 Hour Refresher: GHC 400

Workshop option 1 is tailored to those who are familiar with retouching and might have their own workflow but now want to learn my workflow and implement. It’s an opportunity to work on various photos to see how we can adjust workflow to suit a particular project.

At this level, I will be glade to work with participants on the photos they share. This session will help me demonstrate the various techniques for individuals to refresh their skills. Remember, it is an opportunity to receive personal feedback on your work and gain knowledge in areas to improve.

2 Hour Session: GHC 500

This is the people’s choice when it come to my workshops. I think the reason is because this option gives an individual the choice to be specific with which area they want to improve in retouching. Because there is more time, I will try to redo the process numerous times on various photos. During this session, participants can ask their questions since we have more time.

Group 2 Hour Workshop: GHC 800 (GHC 400 each) – Payment can be sent individually by each party.

This is specifically designed to help two individual participants who want to benefit from “Workshop Option 2” and since they are pair I’m providing them with a chance to save (GHC 100).  You are required to be available with your friend on the said workshop date and time. It is important to remember that because the workshop is being taught to two people, it will not be as personalized. No question will be too simple or difficult to answer.