THE DESIRED TOP! Become You – Take a Step Forward (3/6)

Too many of us are intimidated by what we can become because of the misconception of society. Understand that your validation to be yourself has been endorsed by God.

This world and its systems will not allow you to be yourself. It is rather designed to keep you in an under performance mode while it assist you to become like someone else. Many of us are victims of the living standards and observations of others, by defeating the God-given intension and purpose for our lives.

Don’t be intimidated by the people around you since you will most likely be confronted by the society you live in. When you crave validation in the form of people’s opinion rather than what the word God gives you. You stand the risk of living a carbon copy of someone else instead of being You, an original master piece! Copies of every original are cheap. The whole world is said to be a stage with different actors and scenes. For your Life, You are the best Actor or Actress.

In conclusion, our society has confused success with fulfillment; Accomplishment with Satisfaction; Achievement with Peace but what matters is Success is NOT measured by these factors! Success has little to do with other people’s opinion about your accomplishment.

Thus, you are not successful if you have done what others want you to do. You are truly successful only if you have done what God created and purpose you to do._ Learn to Become You – Take a Step Forward!

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