THE DESIRED TOP!  Sit, Observe, Regroup and Deploy (4/6)

As the whole world is said to be a stage with different actors and scenes for your Life, You are the best Actor or Actress. A significant period of any individuals’ life is the moment you are not the first choice in a team, neither privilege to be seated in front, you are not the best in your class or graduating group, you are not the best husband or wife, and ultimately you are left on the bench in the journey of life.

I know it may not seem like it in the moment, but your role on the stage of life’s team is still extremely important. Finding yourself on the bench can be seen as discouraging or an opportunity to attain some encouraging feat in life. You need to understand that, you are just as important to the team as the boy, girl, overall best worker, leader, husband or wife out there playing, just in a different way.

This is your opportunity to play a different role on your team. Hang in there because you will get your shot, but for now go forth and play your role. Such moments provide you with the opportunity to reflect, observe, regroup, evaluate and deploy your creative uniqueness to your team.

#Dont feel discouraged keep to your role.

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