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THE DESIRED TOP! Become You – Take a Step Forward (3/6) Too many of us are intimidated by what we can become because of the misconception of society. Understand that your validation to be yourself has been endorsed by God. This world and its systems will not allow you to be yourself. It is rather designed to keep you in an underperformance mode while it assists you to become like someone else. Many of us are victims of the living […]

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THE DESIRED TOP! Activate your Instincts (2/6) Some people are moved by instruction but great people move by instinct. To dwell daily on your physical strength and not your emotional intelligence or creative instincts; like an individual who decides to punish the blowing wind by attempting to deny it from blowing fresh air. You might be at the point in life where you feel extremely inadequate to pursue your dreams because of the many competing issues clamouring for your attention. […]

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THE DESIRED TOP! (Decide Your Focus 1/6) If the voice of your desire is not stronger than that of your critics you will never leave your comfort zone. Many of us have great dreams but we lack the desire to pursue the dream however, we desire freedom at the top. Dreams are like birds. They dwell in places where there is a need, an environment of freedom. For within it is best to be fruitful. Arise and explore your desired […]

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